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This page is the home page to all Azure cloud communities manage by Cloudericks team across various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and BuddyCult. We conduct regular free live group connects and more than 50,000 academicians and students around the globe are sharing their knowledge and experiences through our study groups. Our primary mentor, Heartin Kanikathottu, is an author, architect and tech evangelist. 

DISCLAIMER: We are not associated with Microsoft and all trademarks belong to their respective owners. We are doing this because of our love for cloud and Azure.

Azure Cloud Facebook Group 

Azure Cloud Facebook group is one of the fastest growing Facebook groups for Azure cloud with around 50,000 members who are learning Azure cloud together, sharing knowledge through live group connects and supporting each other in need.  We try to develop experts within the group, promote them and help them earn a decent income along with learning. We support members who lose job with our unique job loss insurance program.

Azure Cloud Jobs Community

Azure Cloud Jobs group is a community page for sharing, requesting  and even accepting jobs related to Azure. We are also  sharing regular part time paid job tasks to increase the activities within the group and to help people earn some part time income. We conduct mock interviews to  increase your chances of clearing Azure interviews. We also conduct resume and linkedin profile reviews occasionally to help you get your dream job easy.

Get Better with Real Projects

You cannot learn swimming or riding a bicycle from books or videos. Similarly, you cannot be a cloud expert without making your hands dirty. In the Azure Projects group, we will learn how to get yourself ready for real world projects. In most cases, we will be building open source projects that can be shown even to the interviewers. Before joining, you may check out the Azure Projects playlist in our channel.

Become a Trainer & Earn

A good trainer needs good communication and public speaking skills. You cannot become good at these skills by just reading about it or seeing a video. You will need to practice and get proper feedback. Azure Trainers group is a small group of only trainers where you can practice and get better on your  communication and public speaking skills and get feedback from peers and mentors.

Explore Live Group Connects

Even though you can learn a lot about Azure Cloud from the recordings and playlists below, the real value comes from the live group connect sessions. With live sessions, live quizzes and real-time projects, the group connects are valuable that any recordings that you can find in the internet.

Azure Fundamentals Group

This group is dedicated to Azure beginners. We will also prepare for AZ-900 certification in this group. We will start with foundational knowledge of cloud services and learn how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. The group is intended for learners who are just beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure.

Azure Admin Group

In the Azure Admin group, we will prepare for AZ-104 exam and discuss about topics related to implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, plus provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources, when needed. We will also learn and discuss about PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

Azure Developer Group

This is a group dedicated to Azure Developers. We will also prepare for AZ-204 certification. Responsibilities for an Azure Developer include participating in all phases of cloud development from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment, and maintenance. performance tuning, and monitoring. 

Azure Cloud DevOps

We will discuss about Azure DevOps in this group. We will also prepare for AZ-400 certification. We will discuss about working with people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver business value. We will learn designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.

Do checkout all session recordings

You can learn a lot about Azure Cloud from our recordings and playlists, even though more value comes from the live group connect sessions. It is also an opportunity for you to support us in this initiative without spending any money.

Azure Cloud Group Premium Facebook Group

Azure Cloud Group Premium group is a group for all students who has made any kind of payments in Payments could be for a course, optional group connect fee or even any donations at We have paid moderators and paid engineers who will be helping others with their queries. The premium group also get the best deals on paid course and initiatives.

Azure Authors​ Group

Azure Authors​ group is mentored by Heartin Kanikathottu. Heartin Kanikathottu, after the lockdown started and after his book came 8th on the best cloud computing books of all time by a research by, decided to mentor students in the area of cloud. Together we will author many books on Azure. 

Azure DevSecOps Group

DevSecOps Integrate security into every aspect of the software delivery lifecycle. DevSecOps, sometimes called Secure DevOps, builds on the principles of DevOps but adds an increased focus on security. With DevSecOps, security becomes a central part of the entire lifecycle of the application, and it’s required that every team and person working on an application considers security. 

Azure Marketplace​ FB Group

All our Azure Cloud communities have strict no-spam policy. If you try to sell items without permission you will be blocked. However, we thought there should be a place to sell or market your Azure related youtube channel or courses. In Azure Marketplace group, you can sell or market any Azure related course or material as long as they are valid and you are authorized to do so. 

Container Tech Group

Even though this is not a group specific to Azure, knowledge of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes are not optional. We will discuss about container tech in this group. We are also providing sample container tasks that you can pick up and get paid too. Currently a competition is going on where you can talk about a given container topic and win weekly. 

Other popular study groups

Check out some of our popular study groups in FB. 

Our Founder and Mentor is an initiative started by Heartin Kanikathottu and is now run by Trainso Training Solutions. Heartin is an author, tech evangelist and cloud architect. His latest book has come 8th on the best cloud computing books of all time by a research by


Heartin likes speaking in conferences, meetups and webinars. He writes blogs and books. Heartin has taken two masters degrees, an MS in Cloud Computing and an MTech in Data Analytics. He also has many professional IT certifications from companies including AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Pivotal and Sun.

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