Get more experience, learn free, and even get paid with Internship

With the Trainso Cloudericks internship Program (TCIP), you can learn from our best learning program 4MCEA, work on real-world cloud projects to gain experience, earn money as a stipend and referral bonuses, compensate for the fee to learn without paying the fee, and also get 100% placement support. 

Internship Specializations

Currently, we have the following specializations available:

  1. Azure Architect
  2. Azure DevOps Engineer
  3. Azure Administrator with Identity and Access Specialization.
  4. Azure Administrator with Database Administration specialization. 
  5. Full-stack engineer with Java, Angular, and SQL

With internship, you also get access to our best cloud learning program

4MCEA is our most popular course aimed at making students job-ready cloud experts in 4 months. As part of the internship program, you will learn from the 4MCEA course and community sessions and then will do hands-on work based on what you learned along with Trainso's regular employees. 

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We provide 100% job guarantee!

If you successfully complete the 6-month internship program along with all mandatory courses of 4MCEA as per your selected specialization, we guarantee 100% placement support.  

Until you are placed you can work with Trainso itself with a monthly salary of Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 30,000 INR in contracts of 3 months extended as long as you do your responsibilities. 

Earn while you learn

Your pay during the internship will consist of a stipend component based on actual work and a referral bonus component. Maximum pay with stipend and bonus is Rs. 18,000 and the extra bonus will carry forward to the next month.

If you are eligible for a stipend, the stipend pay starts at Rs. 8000 for the second month and goes up Rs. 1000 per month till Rs. 12000 in the sixth month. Pay and increment will be for the regular work hours and will be pro-rated based on actual hours spent as per the timesheet.

You can also refer others and get 30% of their first payments as a referral bonus. You can also get Rs. 1000 for every person who joins the free internship program and successfully completes a month without breaks. 


  1. We may not be able to give stipends to all and is based on the allocated budget. If you are selected for the stipend, you will be given an official letter mentioning the same after the 30-video assignment. If you are not selected for a stipend, you can either continue without a stipend for learning and experience or join the next batch of internships.
  2. For a 30% pay referral bonus, you will get it as soon as the refund guarantee time is over or the candidate gives a declaration that he doesn't need a refund. For a free internship, you will get the referral bonus once the candidate successfully completes 1 month of the internship program following regular work hours and without additional breaks. 

Steps to get started with the Trainso Cloudericks Internship Program (TCIP)

You need to follow all of the below steps in order to enroll in the internship program.

  1. The first step is to watch the Cloud computing 101 session on the Trainso Youtube channel and prepare 20 MCQ questions. You may ask for any doubts in the comments under the video or in your support channel (see step 2). Once done, WhatsApp us the word file with MCQs along with your resume at +91 90944 03333.
  2. The next step is to choose a support plan and enroll in the respective support channel (Facebook, WhatsApp, or a dedicated course coordinator). A support plan decides how you will ask doubts about the course or tasks during the internship. We have free, paid (4MCEA), and community membership (WhatsApp) options.  
  3. You need to submit the internship form.

Selecting the support options and joining the support channels!

You can choose from one of the below three support options for the first month namely Facebook group, WhatsApp group, and 4MCEA course to get started. While the Facebook group is free, the WhatsApp group has a very small subscription fee to help us manage the running expenses in a more sustainable way.

Option S1: Start with free FB Group Membership

With this option, you will be using our Azure Cloud Facebook group for sharing daily updates and clearing doubts during the initial 30-day video challenge. Once you complete the 30-day video challenge, you will be enrolled in the internship program along with 4MCEA. Instead of paying the fee for 4MCEA, you can compensate with community tasks.

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Option S2: Start with paid WhatsApp group Membership

With this option, you will be using our WhatsApp groups for sharing daily updates and clearing doubts during the initial 30-day video challenge. Once you complete the 30-day video challenge, you will be enrolled in the internship program along with 4MCEA. Instead of paying the fee for 4MCEA, you can compensate with community tasks.

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Option S3: Start with 4MCEA Mentorship Course

When you join 4MCEA, you get free access to the internship program. The 30-day video challenge is optional as most of it is covered in 4MCEA. 4MCEA students can contact their course coordinator directly for any support. With this option, you have the flexibility to choose your internship hours between 1-9 hours per day. 

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Internship Enrolment Form

Frequently asked questions

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