Why Learn with Cloudericks by Trainso?

Cloudericks by Trainso is definitely not the only place where you can learn. So why should anyone choose us over other learning providers?


We have got not just one but 7 reasons why you should choose Cloudericks as your learning partner.

  1. Trainso is a regular IT company and a Microsoft partner. For real-world experience, you can work on live projects using tools used by organizations including business email, MS Teams, etc. You can also get valid certificates for experience, internships, and courses.
  2. Our founders and mentors are highly educated and respected individuals with a lot of industry experience, certifications, PHDs, and a lot more achievements. They can guide the Cloudericks students and members into becoming great professionals.
  3. We will give you the extra push you need and track your progress and assessments with care. Many of us join courses but don't complete them. For most of us, all we need is a small regular push to motivate us through actions such as regular follow-ups.
  4. We will support you always even after the course for as long as you want. After a course, you can continue to learn through our Membership Program and the WhatsApp study groups that come with a dedicated support team, a 24/7 Zoom meeting, and a lot more.
  5. We provide courses at a lower cost than anyone with a least-fee guarantee. If you find any course providers providing courses with similar features at a lesser fee, just let us know and we will reduce our fees for all as well as give you an additional 10% discount.
  6. You can learn from the experiences and mistakes of a lot of engineers. With the Knowledge Exchange WhatsApp (KEWA) study groups, you can learn together with others, improve your communication skills and even earn free courses and membership plans.
  7. You are indirectly helping a lot of people without jobs. We try to help a lot of people without jobs through free training and placement support. The fee you pay is not just getting you the required knowledge and skills, but it is also helping a lot of people in need.