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Learn and master cloud alongside 100k+ community members


Ultimate Membership

  • Live sessions from all tracks: Azure, AWS, General IT (Kubernetes Terraform, Java), & more. 
  • Access to KEWA (WhatsApp) groups with 24/7 Zoom Meetings and live lab support.
  • Access to website and mobile app with recordings, audio books, lab documents (recipes) and practice quizzes.
  • Want to attend our live classes with minimal risk? Enrol in CCC Live for a nominal fee, and when you upgrade to Ultimate Membership, you can ask for a discount equal to the amount you paid for the CCC Live, ensuring you pay no extra overall.
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We have two types of courses:

  • Regular Courses: Focus on specific topics like AZ-104, with live classes, and related resources such as recordings, cookbooks, and quizzes. You can also opt to buy the resources, such as recordings, cookbooks, or quizzes, separately.
  • Master Courses: Become a specialist in areas like "Azure Cloud Expert", spanning multiple certifications or topics, such as the 7 Months Cloud Expert for Azure (7MCEA). Benefit also from live projects, 1-to-1 mentoring and complementary access to the ultimate membership bundle.
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4MCEA Internship Program

  • Introducing the revamped 4MCEA: our "4-Month Cloud Engineer for Azure/AWS" program.
  • This full-time internship-based training will make you a job-ready cloud engineer in 4 months.
  • Ideal for graduates who are unemployed, or professionals who have faced unexpected layoffs.
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WhatsApp Study Groups 

  • 24/7 Zoom meetings for member discussions, daily sessions and live lab support from Cloudericks
  • Free membership renewals if you share knowledge with the community once a month. Hence, also called Knowledge Exchange WhatsApp (KEWA) study groups.
  • Does not include recordings or materials for sessions. 
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YouTube Channel for Free Learning

  • Dive into 100% free education on our YouTube Channel
  • Learn at your own pace without any obligations
  • Benefit from a wide array of topics and stay updated with the latest trends in the field of IT and cloud.
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Want to share content with 100k+ learners?

We manage community groups with more than 1 lakh members. You can promote your websites, blogs, videos, and even courses within our groups as long as the topic is related to the group topic. Currently, KEWA members can share content within our community groups.

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We need your help to help more people in need!

Trainso was created to help people without jobs. We try to provide free training, internship, and bridge program to people without jobs. We registered Trainso as a regular IT company as we want our experience certificates to be of value to our students. We need your continuous support to help more people.

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Founder's message

Cloudericks community was started by Heartin J. Kanikathottu, a published author, architect, and tech evangelist, to help people upskill on cloud-related technologies along with a community. You can listen to this audio message from Heartin J. Kanikathottu to learn how Cloudericks and Trainso came into existence. After taking up a new job, Heartin has transferred the management of the community to Trainso Training Solutions, but still loves sharing knowledge.

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We provide live coaching with mentoring. We also provide self-paced learning courses.


We provide tools that will help trainers conduct good trainings worry free.


We do real cloud projects for clients as well as develop software on our own.