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Join the Cloudericks Membership program, a dedicated hub tailored for relentless learners seeking growth without distractions. Benefit from in-depth tech sessions, engage in distraction-free community platforms, connect in real-time via WhatsApp Study Groups with 24/7 Zoom access, and delve into diverse topics with our detailed lab cookbooks. With multiple plans to choose from based on individual needs, Cloudericks ensures that every member finds their perfect fit in a community committed to continuous learning and collaboration.


Top Membership Features

At Cloudericks, we're dedicated to offering an enriching learning experience tailored for the modern IT professional. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect with our memberships:

Upcoming Live Sessions!

With a single membership, you gain access to sessions spanning four pivotal tracks: Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, and General IT. While the Azure, AWS and Kubernetes tracks guarantee in-depth training for 3-4 certifications, the General IT track covers a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to Terraform, programming languages like Java and Angular, Systems Design, and the essentials of WordPress. 


  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  3. AWS Certified Security - Specialty
  4. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional


  1. Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  2. Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)
  3. Azure DevOps Expert (AZ-400)
  4. Azure Architect Expert (AZ-305)


  1. Containers 101
  2. Certified K8S Administrator (CKA)
  3. Certified K8S Application Developer (CKAD)
  4. Certified K8S Security Specialist (CKS)


  1. HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
  2. Systems Design Fundamentals
  3. Programming: Java and Angular
  4. Wordpress Essentials

Special Note: While these courses are guaranteed, additional sessions addressing a wider range of topics will be incorporated through our community gatherings.

Explore and Enrol in the Membership Plans 

Choose a plan and duration that suits you. For more payment options, including offline payments, or issues, email [email protected] with your desired plan and details.

Decision Guide: Read it thoroughly before proceeding!

  1. Ultimate Membership Bundle (Recommended): Get all the benefits of KEWA and the Cloudericks Plus membership. 
  2. Purchase the KEWA or the Cloudericks membership plan separately if you are okay with the exclusions. 
    • KEWA Membership only:
      • Includes: WhatsApp group, live sessions, and live lab support via Zoom.
      • Excludes: No course materials, as KEWA is a WhatsApp-only group. 
    • Cloudericks Plans (Basic/Plus) only:
      • Includes: Basic plan has sessions, recordings, and non-WhatsApp community group. Plus plan add materials such as Cookbooks and Quizzes.
      • Excludes: WhatsApp study group and live lab support over Zoom.
  3. Special Note: Membership plans don't include cloud access (e.g. Azure/AWS subscriptions). 
  4. Aditional Options: You can buy courses (with cloud access), Cookbooks and Quizzes separately by visiting their pages from the main menu. 
  5. Want More?
    • The 4MCEA / 7MCEA expert courses include internships, live projects, 1-to-1 mentoring, and complimentary access to Ultimate Membership Bundle.
    • Check the Courses page from the main menu for more details.

Ultimate Membership Bundle (Recommended)

₹849 ($10.49) per month

Paid as ₹10199 ($125.99) for 1 year

Plan Features

  • With the bundle, you are saving 50% on KEWA than buying directly. 
  • Access to all features of the KEWA membership, including WhatsApp study group, live sessions, and live lab support via Zoom.
  • Access all features of Cloudericks Plus membership, including session recordings, non-WhatsApp community groups, Cookbooks, and Quizzes.
  • Access to recordings of all old and new sessions organized as courses.
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WhatsApp (KEWA) Group only

₹199 ($2.49) per month

Paid as ₹2399 ($28.99) for 1 year

Plan Features

  • Access to sessions (no recordings)
  • Access to WhatsApp groups with 24/7 Zoom Meetings
  • Live lab support through Zoom meetings 
Explore KEWA

Cloudericks Basic

₹399 ($4.99) per month

Paid as ₹4799 ($59.99) for 1 year

Plan Features

  • Access to new sessions and recordings
  • Non-WhatsApp Community groups for discussions
  • Does not include KEWA group membership
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Cloudericks Plus

₹749 ($8.99) per month

Paid as ₹8999 ($107.99) for 1 year

Plan Features

  • Access to all features of Cloudericks Basic
  • Access to all cookbooks and quizzes
  • Does not include KEWA group membership 
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Still Unsure? 

For just Rs. 249 (or $2.99), you can access our All Live Trial for a 14-day preview of our courses and community.

Alternatively, you can choose either the KEWA-only or the Cloudericks Basic plan. You'll only need to pay the price difference if you wish to upgrade later. However, credit card payments aren't accepted for partial fee upgrades. Only bank transfers, GPay, or PayPal are available payment options.

All Live Trial: Want to try courses & community sessions?

Just for ₹249 (or $2.99) for 14 days

Plan Features

  • Access to all new live sessions and their recordings
  • Access to the non-WhatsApp Community groups for discussions
  • No access to the KEWA (WhatsApp) study group
  • No access to live lab support sessions through Zoom Meetings
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Want Demo Sessions?

We have a YouTube channel where you can watch recordings of important community sessions that happened in the past. You may check the available playlists in the channel to start learning different IT topics for free.

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