Currently not having a job? Look no further!

Embrace 4MCEA - our "4 Months Cloud Engineer for Azure/AWS" program. There is nothing to lose. You can learn the cloud for free, get the experience along with an experience certificate, and earn a decent monthly stipend. Post internship, you can work for Trainso until you get another job for decent pay and to avoid career gaps.

This internship program offers hybrid and WFH options. As we had experiences of people claiming to be jobless to benefit from this program, we have kept a refundable deposit of Rs. 999 (or $12), which may be discounted if you are coming through a referral. You may also pay an optional fee to get a 30X salary guarantee.

Why join 4MCEA?

Apart from the core subjects, we offer additional training that can elevate your chances of landing your dream job:

  1. It is a training-based internship program: Regular training programs give you knowledge without experience, and regular internship programs give you experience without in-depth subject knowledge. The 4MCEA program offers an internship to gain experience and also gives you free access to our cloud master program for free; working professionals pay up to Rs. ₹32,999 (or $399) for this program.
  2. Multiple Tracks to Choose and Re-choose From: You can choose to be a Developer, DevOps Engineer, Administrator, or even a Content Creator. You can also choose from Azure or AWS track. You can also change your decision later and join the next batch of your newly chosen track easily.
  3. Sharpen your public speaking abilities: Effective communication and presentation skills can set you apart during job interviews, office meetings, and team collaborations, accelerating your career trajectory. We help our interns improve their public speaking skills through our unique student presentations and related activities.
  4. Gain practical experience working in the real world: Upon gaining the necessary technical expertise, you will be assigned live projects or real-world tasks aligned with your chosen specialization. This approach ensures a hands-on learning experience directly related to your interest.
  5. Personal Branding to impress recruiters and peers: We'll help you create a dynamic resume, LinkedIn profile, active GitHub profile and even a GitHub-based resume, highlighting your skills that will impress any recruiters. We also assist in establishing a personal blog to further demonstrate your expertise and passion.
  6. Master the art of acing interviews: Good interview techniques often make the difference between an offer and a rejection. Once you are ready, we conduct mock interviews to prepare you for real interviews. We also support you with real interviews and even consider them as internship hours following our policies. 
  7. Get ready for placement immediately following the internship: Trainso, the parent company of Cloudericks, often provide internship track suggestions based on open opportunities. Individuals can engage in these to enrich their learning experience and guarantee a position with us following the internship 

4MCEA Key Rules & Regulations

Adherence to the following 4MCEA Key Rules & Regulations is paramount to ensure a productive, respectful, and safe learning environment for all participants. 

  1. Program Commitment: Interns should commit 42.5 hours per week with 2.5 hours (.5 hours per day) allocated for community work to compensate for the free training, thus making the total program commitment 748 hours. Active students or people with other jobs may seek adjustments to their daily work hours.
  2. Session Commitment: 4MCEA is a unique training-based internship program with regular sessions from our in-house trainers and external industry experts. You need to attend all of these sessions. These classes may also happen on holidays to align with the availability of our working professional students and trainers. 
  3. Social Media Engagement: We need your help to reach more people and thereby help more people. Those opting for the free internship (with no fee and only a refundable deposit) should update their LinkedIn profile as a Trainso intern and should also share approved posts about Trainso's activities on social media. 
  4. Optional Fee Payment: You can optionally pay a small fee of Rs. 5999 ($72), effective just Rs. 50 ($0.60) daily to help us run this program smoothly. With a fee payment, you will not have to do community work or social media engagements, and your total program commitment comes down to 704 hours.  
  5. Setting up Home Office: If you're working from home, you should set up a quiet workplace spot and have a clear microphone for online meetings. You should have broadband with speeds of at least 40 Mbps. Don't worry about the cost of broadband—we will help you with that if you're not getting a stipend from us.
  6. Stipend Eligibility: Interns can apply for a stipend after completing the committed hours for four consecutive weeks. The stipend will be allocated based on your performance during the four weeks and the availability of funds. Office attendance is needed on office days, but exceptions may be made. 
  7. Job-ready Tracks: Depending on Trainso's needs as a fast-growing startup, we provide alternative opportunities based on open positions. Engaging in these optional areas enriches your learning experience, increases your chances of earning stipends and guarantees a position with us following the internship.  

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list; the complete and detailed set of rules and regulations will be shared and elaborated upon during the onboarding process. You must also read and follow the additional details provided in the FAQs.

Enrolment Options

We have instituted a minimal deposit requirement to discourage misuse of program benefits and ensure commitment. However, if you are enrolling in the free option via a referral, you may request a waiver or reduction of this deposit.

Option 1: Free with Deposit

₹ 999 ($12) as Deposit

100% Refundable on Successful Completion

  • Program commitment of 748 hours
  • No 30X salary guarantee
  • Mandatory to update LinkedIn profile
  • Mandatory 30 minutes of community work per day
  • Mandatory Social Media Engagements
  • All other features as per 4MCEA Key Rules and Regulations

Option 2: Optional Fee

₹ 5999 as One Time Fee

Effective ₹50 ($0.60) per day for 120 days

  • Program commitment of 704 hours
  • 30X salary guarantee
  • Optional to update LinkedIn profile
  • Optional 30 minutes of community work per day
  • Mandatory Social Media Engagements
  • All other features as per 4MCEA Key Rules and Regulations

Alternate options

Please check these options if you have a job or do not want to commit to an internship program. If you cannot afford the fee, ask for discounts over WhatsApp at +91 90944 03333.

Courses (Option 3)

With our 7MCEA expert course, people with/without jobs can master the cloud without any commitments. With our intensive 90-days hands-on cookbook based course programs, transform into a hands-on engineering expert on a job-role based certification topic. Our courses aren't just about certification - it's about real expertise using curated cookbooks! 

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Membership (Option 4)

If you are not looking for live projects and mentorship, you may join our membership or only the WhatsApp (KEWA) Study group for a fraction of the 7MCEA fee to learn alongside our other study group members from live classes.  If you need additional discounts, please get in touch with our mentor, Heartin Kanikathottu on LinkedIn.

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