Become a Cloud Engineer in 4 months

with the 4 Months Cloud Expert for Azure (4MCEA) full-time internship program 

In this learning program, you will learn Azure Cloud along with some multi-cloud technologies such as Terraform and Kubernetes, and even prepare for interviews. Along with learning the concepts, you will also understand how people and processes work together in a team environment through our hands-on labs and live project. 

If you cannot afford the fee, you can learn for free by compensating for the fee by giving back to the community in the form of community work. Also, 4MCEA is a full-time course and is for people without other jobs. If you are a working professional you can learn from 7MCEA, which is our Azure training program for working professionals. 

What you will learn?

The following technology topics are included as part of this course to help you become cloud engineers:

  1. Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  2. Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
  3. Azure Architect (AZ-305) 
  4. Azure DevOps (AZ-400)
  5. Azure Data Security Essentials
  6. Kubernetes and Terraform
  7. Systems Design Fundamentals and Programming Essentials

There's More

We will also discuss and practice the below  topics that can increase your chances of getting your dream job easily:

  1. How to attend and clear interviews
  2. How to create a good resume matching your learning track
  3. How to maintain a good LinkedIn profile, an active GitHub account, and a blog
  4. How to improve your public speaking skills
  5. How to blog/create videos, and create a blog/YouTube channel of your own to share knowledge

How we make a difference

There si no shortage of learning materials on the internet. We will guide you in your journey to becoming a cloud engineer through instructor-led sessions, self-paced videos, hands-on labs, and even live projects under the guidance of expert cloud engineers and architects who are actually working in the industry. We will also learn skills to apply and clear interviews and certifications.

Want to watch some of our classes before joining? 

You can watch some of the previous classes on our YouTube channel. If you follow the playlists there is enough content to start learning even without joining any course. But if you want live coaching classes, mentoring, a community to learn with and a more structured approach join 4MCEA.

Explore Trainso YouTube Channel

Learn for free with community work!

We started Cloudericks to help people without jobs during the start of the Pandemic in 2020. Even though we train a lot of working professionals now, we are always committed to our community and helping people without jobs. You can compensate for the fee by doing community work activities such as preparing / conducting quizzes, helping us manage the communities, etc. 

Earn while learning

You can learn for free with community work, but if selected for a paid internship, you can also earn alongside your studies. After the first month, we will evaluate your performance and let you know if you are eligible for a paid internship.

We are sure, you will like our program and tell others. You can also earn with referrals by getting 25% of their first fee payment. The referral bonus is only applicable for fee payments and not for deposits as we need to give them back.

If you don't have a job and can compensate fee with community work, select one of the options below.

The below options are for people without jobs. You will need to do learning/work tasks/community work for up to 8 hours per day and 43 hours per week. We do this to make sure you are really not having other jobs. For more details on community work, see the FAQ section. 

Join for free with a small deposit (Online)

We have found that many with a job, claim to be jobless and join the program. Many also join just because it is free and then waste the time of our mentors. It is also difficult to verify these when you are working from home (WFH). So we have kept a very small deposit equal to 4% of the fee.

Enrol with Rs. 1200 ($15) deposit

Learn for free without any deposit (Online & Offline)

If you are doing the internship for the regular hours from any of our offline office locations or offline study groups including Kottayam (Kerala), Bangalore (Karnataka), and Wayanad (Kerala), you won't have to pay the deposit as there won't be any deposit as job status verification will be easy for us.

Enrol without deposit (Request form)

Pay monthly and cancel anytime! 

You can now join the new full-time 4MCEA program for the next batch paying monthly EMIs of just Rs. 9999 including taxes

Start with Rs. 9999 (Incl. Taxes)

Save 15% fee with one-time payment

You can now join the new full-time 4MCEA batch with 15% savings if you can pay the fee as a one-time payment with a money-back guarantee.

Enroll for Rs. 33,999 (Incl. Taxes)


  1. If you face any challenges while making the payment, want to pay through GPAY, pay in EMIs, or even get additional discounts based on your financial situation, WhatsApp 4MCEA-GPAY to +91 90944 03333.
  2. If you are working or don't want to do community work, enroll with 7MCEA. Enrol to 7MCEA by paying a monthly EMI or as a one-time payment. By default, 7MCEA is for 7 months, but if you pay as a one-time, you can ask to speed up the course to get it completed by 4-5 months.

Save 15% fee with one-time payment

You can now join the new full-time 4MCEA batch with 15% savings if you can pay the fee as a one-time payment with a money-back guarantee.

Enroll for Rs. 33,999 (Incl. Taxes)

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions

Connect with us for any queries regarding the 4MCEA program

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