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Recently graduated and jobless, or experienced an unexpected layoff? Don't let uncertainty cloud your aspirations. Set aside the worry and channel your energy into learning. Dwelling on the "what-ifs" only stalls your journey forward. Embrace the 4MCEA - our "4 Months Cloud Engineer for Azure" program. Tailored for job seekers, this full-time internship-based program will transform you into a job-ready cloud engineer in just 4 months. For a nominal registration fee of Rs.500 ($7) plus applicable taxes, you can access all program benefits, provided you're enthusiastic about contributing to our community-building initiatives. Additionally, eligible candidates can receive stipends. 


What you will learn?

  1. Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) - Understand the basics and foundational elements of Azure.
  2. Azure Administrator (AZ-104) - Deep-dive into administrative roles, functions, and tools.
  3. Azure DevOps (AZ-400) - Master the nuances of DevOps within Azure.
  4. Kubernetes Essentials - Learn container orchestration for efficient application deployment and operations.
  5. Systems Design Essentials - Develop insights into designing efficient and scalable systems

Boost Your Job Prospects!

Apart from the core subjects, we offer additional training that can elevate your chances of landing your dream job:

  • Master the art of attending and acing interviews: Good interview techniques can make the difference between an offer and a rejection. By understanding the nuances of what interviewers look for, you position yourself as a strong, confident candidate.

  • Design a compelling resume tailored to your expertise: A well-crafted resume not only showcases your skills but also tells a compelling story of your professional journey. By tailoring it to your field, you ensure that recruiters immediately recognize your relevance and value.

  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile, maintain an active GitHub account, and start a blog: A polished LinkedIn profile can attract the attention of recruiters and industry professionals. An active GitHub showcases your hands-on experience, and a personal blog demonstrates your expertise and passion. Collectively, these platforms can make you stand out as a proactive and knowledgeable professional.

  • Sharpen your public speaking abilities: Effective communication and presentation skills can set you apart during job interviews and give you an edge over other candidates. Once in the role, these abilities can enhance your influence in meetings, presentations, and team collaborations, accelerating your career trajectory.

  • Learn how to craft insightful content, share knowledge, and potentially monetize it: Creating and disseminating valuable content positions you as an industry expert. Not only can this draw the attention of potential employers, but it also provides opportunities to earn additional income and build a personal brand in your field.

Read this before enrolling!

4MCEA offers a dedicated full-time internship program tailored for individuals currently without employment. It is not just any internship, but an internship-based training where you will learn a lot of IT fundamentals thoroughly and hands-on. You can join the 4MCEA internship program program either by participating in a 28-day challenge or by entering the 7MCEA program.

As part of the 28-day challenge, you will be learning a lot of essential topics hands-on, one topic at a time. Once you complete the learning task for a day, you can participate in the internship program, and once you complete the whole challenge, you can do the internship full-time. The challenge has only a nominal registration fee of Rs. 500 ($7) if you agree to participate in community-building activities. 

The 7MCEA program, our flagship cloud expert course, is accessible to both employed and unemployed individuals. You have the option to study on weekends while working or go full-time with an internship. The course typically takes around 4-7 months to complete, based on the effort you're ready to invest, and there's no obligation for community involvement.

Important! Once you enrol for the 28-day challenge or the 7MCEA, please contact us on WhatsApp so that we can provide immediate assistance and enrol you into the internship group. If you have any further questions, please ask in our Azure Cloud Facebook group, email [email protected], or WhatsApp us at +91 90944 03333

4MCEA with 28 days Challenge

₹500 (approx. $7) plus tax

Top features

  • Full-time Internship (45 hours per week)
  • Only for people without other jobs
  • Complete in 4-5 months as per your preference
  • Need to update your LinkedIn Profile as a Trainso Intern
  • Mandatory daily community-building work
Enrol for 28 days challenge


Starting from ₹15,999 ($199)

Top features

  • Optional Internship (Full-time/part-time/weekend)
  • For people with/without jobs
  • Complete in 4-7 months as per your preference
  • Optional to update your LinkedIn Profile as a Trainso Intern
  • Optional to do community-building work
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