Want to get started with IT & Cloud for Free? 

We are committed to helping people without jobs from the beginning and now we have introduced some free learning opportunities for even people with jobs.

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The IT Fundamentals Crash Course (IFCC)

In the IT Fundamentals course, you will learn the fundamentals of many IT topics including cloud computing, DevOps, Containers, Azure Cloud Fundamentals, Git, Agile and Lean, Kubernetes, YAML, Terraform, Jenkins, and Systems Design Fundamentals.

This course is being updated with more classes and is made available for free for all for a limited time.

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Become a Job-Ready Cloud Engineer in Just 4 Months

Don't have a job? Don't worry. We are here to help with free training and deserving candidates can also get a stipend.

4MCEA stands for 4 Months Cloud Expert for Azure and aims to make you job-ready cloud engineers in 4 months through live and self-paced classes and an internship.  

The 4MCEA is a 40-hour full-time free internship program to become job-ready and is best for people who are new to IT or the cloud and looking to get started with a career in IT or the cloud.

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Learn Azure DevOps for free with the 28 days challenge

We have been providing free training and placement to people without jobs for a very long time through the 4MCEA internship program. With this new 28-day learning challenge, even people with jobs can get a free Azure DevOps course and KEWA group for Azure access.

Along with the learning challenge, you will also be doing some simple tasks to help us and the community back.

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Want to watch some of our classes on YouTube? 

You can watch some of the previous classes on our YouTube channel. If you follow the playlists there is enough content to start learning even without joining any course. But if you want live coaching classes, mentoring, a community to learn with and a more structured approach join an expert course such as 4MCEA/7MCEA.

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Frequently asked questions

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