Elevate Your Career with the 7MCEA - 7 Month Cloud Expert for Azure!

Embark on a transformative journey with the 7MCEA program by Cloudericks, diving deep into the universe of Azure. This uniquely crafted 7-month training is for those yearning to master Microsoft Azure in one or more of the following tracks: Solutions Architect, devops expert, or Security Architect. Navigate through a meticulously designed curriculum, get hands-on with Azure tools and services, benefit from personalized 121 mentoring, and more. This program molds to fit your individual needs and pace, making you not just Azure-literate but an Azure maestro.

What you will learn?

One or more of the following with hands-on exercises, expert mentoring and live project: 

Common Topics: 

  1. Kubernetes Essentials - Learn container orchestration.
  2. Terraform Essentials: Grasp the fundamentals of infrastructure as code.
  3. Systems Design Essentials - Design efficient and scalable systems.
  4. Programming: Java or Angular

Why Join 7MCEA?

Apart from the core subjects, we offer additional training that can elevate your chances of landing your dream job:

  1. Master the art of attending and acing interviews: Good interview techniques can make the difference between an offer and a rejection. By understanding the nuances of what interviewers look for, you position yourself as a strong, confident candidate.

  2. Design a compelling resume tailored to your expertise: A well-crafted resume not only showcases your skills but also tells a compelling story of your professional journey. By tailoring it to your field, you ensure that recruiters immediately recognize your relevance and value.

  3. Enhance your LinkedIn profile, maintain an active GitHub account, and start a blog: A polished LinkedIn profile can attract the attention of recruiters and industry professionals. An active GitHub showcases your hands-on experience, and a personal blog demonstrates your expertise and passion. Collectively, these platforms can make you stand out as a proactive and knowledgeable professional.

  4. Sharpen your public speaking abilities: Effective communication and presentation skills can set you apart during job interviews and give you an edge over other candidates. Once in the role, these abilities can enhance your influence in meetings, presentations, and team collaborations, accelerating your career trajectory.

  5. Learn how to craft insightful content, share knowledge, and potentially monetize it: Creating and disseminating valuable content positions you as an industry expert. Not only can this draw the attention of potential employers, but it also provides opportunities to earn additional income and build a personal brand in your field.

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For offline payments or inquiries, WhatsApp +91 90944 08888 or email [email protected].¬†

7MCEA Ultimate Bundle

‚āĻ41,699 (or $499) + GST

Top features

  • Live classes and¬†Recordings
  • Live and self-paced¬†practice questions
  • Access to Ultimate Membership*
  • Azure access for Labs and¬†Project
  • 1-to-1 Mentoring calls
  • Priority support
  • Microsoft¬†365 Business Email + MS Teams**
Pay ‚āĻ41,699 (or $499) + GST

Pay in No Cost EMIs over 7 months

With our 0% interest plan, you can pay in EMIs of just Rs. 5999 per month for 7 months, making it easier to manage your finances by avoiding a one-time payment. This flexible payment option ensures you can spread the cost over time. However, due to recent RBI regulations in India, you must manually pay the EMI using the link below before the due date. Please set a reminder to ensure timely payments and avoid any interruptions in your program access.

Rs. 5999 / $72 + GST

Important Notes

  1. The standard course duration is seven months, assuming you have already successfully completed 4MCEA. Otherwise, you can get free entry to 4MCEA before moving on to 7MCEA. Regardless of the duration you select, you'll have access to the program resources for two years, which can be extended further by paying only 15% of the fee per year.
  2. If you encounter payment issues, wish to use GPAY, opt for EMIs, or request discounts due to your financial situation, contact [email protected] or WhatsApp at +91 90944 08888.

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