Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

This is your opportunity to start learning the cloud from actual cloud engineers who are not just trainers but are working professionals with lots of real-world experience in IT and cloud, and who are also Microsoft Certified Trainers. We assume no prerequisite knowledge other than a decent computer with a good internet connection. 

What you will learn?

Topics we will learn in the course include:

  1. Cloud concepts
  2. Azure architecture essentials
  3. Azure core workloads and solutions
  4. Basics of Azure Networking
  5. Basics of Azure Security and privacy
  6. Azure cost management

You will get access to recordings and practice questions in the portal so that you can practice well before going for the exam.

Enrolment Options

AZ-900 Live Bundle

Rs. 599 (or $7)

Top features

  • Live Classes
  • Recordings of Live classes
  • Live Quizzes
  • Practice Quizzes*
  • Validity: 6 Months*
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AZ-900 Self-Paced Course

Rs. 399 (or $5)

Top features

  • No Live Classes
  • Recordings of Live classes
  • No Live Quizzes
  • No Practice Quizzes
  • Validity: 6 months*
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AZ-900 Self-Paced Quizzes

Rs. 249 (or $3)

Top Features

  • No Live Classes 
  • No recordings of live classes
  • Live Quizzes
  • Practice Quizzes*
  • Validity: 4 months*
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Important Notes

  1. The next live batch is scheduled for June 2023.
  2. For Azure access you need to pay an additional fee of Rs. 1000. However, for most people free Microsoft sandboxes are enough. 
  3. The duration of the live batch is 1 month.
  4. Validity is the validity of access to recordings and quizzes in the portal.
  5. With the Advanced Membership plan, you can get recordings of all courses we have including AZ-900.
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The timings for live classes

The following is the current schedule:

  • Azure Fundamental (AZ-900)  - Weekends - 9 AM IST
  • Repeat session or backup slot - Weekends 7 PM IST.

Note: We will also have live quizzes during the primary course hours or backup times to check your understanding. We call these quizzes as Quiz and Talk sessions as you can ask doubts even during the quiz.

Want to watch some of our classes? 

You can watch some of the previous classes on our YouTube channel. If you follow the playlists there is enough content to start learning even without joining any course. But if you want personal mentoring, a community to learn with and a more focused approach join 4MCEA.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions