Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

This is your opportunity to start learning the cloud from actual cloud engineers who are not just trainers but are working professionals with lots of real-world experience in IT and cloud, and who are also Microsoft Certified Trainers. We assume no prerequisite knowledge other than a decent computer with a good internet connection. 

12 Reasons to Choose Our Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Course

  • Comprehensive Curriculum:
    1. Specifically designed to help you achieve the Azure Fundamentals certification.
    2. Expertly tailored content to prepare learners for both interviews and real-world Azure challenges.
  • Unmatched Hands-on Experience:
    1. Benefit from an extensive collection of lab recipes, going beyond what Microsoft provides.
    2. Commit to full immersion with a 100% hands-on grasp of the syllabus.
    3. Our practice questions stand out, offering not only detailed answers and explanations but also references to specific lab exercises.
    4. Navigate each lab with the guidance of our dedicated expert team, moving beyond impersonal AI interactions.
    5. Get Azure access ensures practical and applied learning.
  • Flexible & Tailored Learning Options:
    1. Participate in multiple live batches for an year that are conducted at regular intervals and across different time zones.
    2. By enrolling in the Live Bundle, you'll also receive a complimentary 1-month membership to our Knowledge Exchange WhatsApp (KEWA) study group—a value of ₹249 (or $2.99)—to help address any questions or provide the support you need.
    3. With our dedicated team of experts part of the KEWA group — not mere AI-driven bots — you will be supported every step of the way as you navigate through each lab, making the most of the Azure access we provide.
    4. For those keen to start immediately, recordings from previous batches are included as part of the live bundle and are readily available for access. Additionally, any doubts or queries can be addressed in the KEWA group.
  • Continuous Post-Course Support:
    1. Unlike other courses, our commitment to you extends beyond course completion. The cloud domain is dynamic and ever-evolving, with new challenges and syllabus additions on the horizon. By becoming a lifetime KEWA member, enjoy access to live classes from future batches and even live lab support for a maintenance fee starting at just Rs. 249 ($2.99) per year, ensuring you're always ahead in your Azure journey. 

What you will learn?

Topics we will learn in the course include:

  1. Cloud concepts
  2. Azure architecture essentials
  3. Azure core workloads and solutions
  4. Basics of Azure Networking
  5. Basics of Azure Security and privacy
  6. Azure cost management

You will get access to recordings and practice questions in the portal so that you can practice well before going for the exam.

Enrolment Options

AZ-900 Live Bundle

Rs. 599 (or $7)

Top features

  • Live Classes
  • Recordings of Live classes
  • Validity: 6 Months*
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AZ-900 Self-Paced Course

Rs. 399 (or $5)

Top features

  • No Live Classes
  • Recordings of Live classes
  • Validity: 6 months*
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AZ-900 Self-Paced Quizzes

Rs. 249 (or $3)

Top Features

  • Live Quizzes
  • Practice Quizzes*
  • Validity: 4 months*
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Important Notes

  1. Duration of Live Bundle Access & Upcoming Batch Date: The Live Bundle grants you access for a full year, enabling participation in any live batches or sessions within this timeframe. We schedule batches across varied time zones, accommodating participants from all over the world. Our live batches typically kick off every 4 months, running for approximately 2-3 months each. Mark your calendar for the next live batch starting on September 2023.
  2. Immediate Learning: With the Live Bundle, access previous batch recordings instantly, so you can begin your learning journey without delay.
  3. Azure Access & Support: While the Live Bundle provides a validity of one year, letting you partake in any live batches/sessions within that timeframe, Azure access will be allocated for just one of those batches. Nonetheless, for practicing labs in subsequent batches, you have the option to utilize a free-tier Azure account. Importantly, even if you rely on the free-tier account, as a KEWA member, you can still receive live lab support from the Cloudericks team.
  4. Complementary access to the KEWA Group: With the Live Bundle, you'll gain complimentary access to the KEWA group. This privilege enables you to join a myriad of live discussions on Azure topics that go beyond the core content of AZ-900. Moreover, it offers a platform to address any queries about the recordings, and you can also seek assistance while performing the lab recipes. For activating the complementary KEWA access, WhatsApp the course purchase screenshot at +91 90944 03333.
  5. Self-paced Learning: The self-paced course provides recordings from a prior batch. With KEWA membership, you can seek clarification in the KEWA group and avail live lab support, even for the self-paced course. It's important to note that Azure access is exclusive to the live bundle, though a free-tier option is available for Azure usage.
  6. Practice Questions Availability: Practice Questions will be accessible on our portal. Additionally, Cloudericks members are eligible for a 50% discount on all practice question PDFs.
  7. Value of Cloudericks Membership: Opting for a Cloudericks membership plan brings immense value, especially if you're already utilizing a free-tier account. The membership opens doors to a wide range of IT courses and certification materials, spanning not just Azure, but also AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, and more. It's a comprehensive package designed to elevate your tech skills across multiple platforms.
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If you're just beginning your cloud journey, we recommend viewing the 'Cloud Computing 101' and 'Azure Cloud 101' videos from the Azure Getting Started playlist prior to embarking on the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) course.

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