Getting Started with AWS Organizations

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Welcome to the world of cloud computing with AWS (Amazon Web Services)! If you're managing multiple AWS accounts, AWS Organizations is a tool you'll want to know about. It simplifies managing these accounts in a cost-effective and secure way. Let’s dive in and understand how AWS Organizations can make your life easier.

Understanding AWS Organizations

What is AWS Organizations? It's a feature within AWS that lets you manage multiple AWS accounts easily. Think of it as a big umbrella under which all your AWS accounts can safely and efficiently sit. It's great for organizing your accounts, controlling costs, and keeping your data secure.

Setting Up Your AWS Organization

Starting Out First things first, you need an AWS account. If you already have one, great! If not, go ahead and sign up. Then, log in to the AWS Management Console and find the AWS Organizations page. Here, you'll start setting up your organization with a few clicks. It's pretty straightforward!

Organizational Units and Account Structures

In AWS Organizations, you can create what are called Organizational Units (OUs). Think of these as folders where you can group different AWS accounts. For example, you can have an OU for your finance department and another for your IT team. This makes managing different departments and projects super easy.

Implementing Policies and Permissions

Control Access Like a Pro AWS Organizations allows you to set rules on how accounts can be used. These rules are called Service Control Policies (SCPs). SCPs help you make sure that everyone in your organization has only the access they need, which is essential for keeping things secure.

Managing Costs and Billing

Keep Your Budget Happy One of the cool things about AWS Organizations is consolidated billing. This means you get one bill for all your accounts. It's much easier to track and manage your expenses. You can also use tools like AWS Budgets and Cost Explorer to keep an eye on your spending.

Best Practices for Using AWS Organizations

Tips for Success To get the most out of AWS Organizations:

  • Organize your accounts in a way that makes sense for your business.
  • Regularly check your security settings.
  • Use the tools AWS provides to manage your costs.


AWS Organizations is a powerful tool for managing multiple AWS accounts. It helps with organization, security, and cost management. Experiment with it and see how it can streamline your AWS usage.

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