Ready to Master Azure Administration in Just 90 Days – For Free?

announcements Dec 20, 2023

🚀 Ready to Master Azure Administration in Just 90 Days – For Free? 🚀

Are you aware that the Azure Administrator (AZ-104) certification is a prerequisite for many advanced certifications like the Azure Architect certification and the Azure DevOps certification? We suggest securing this certification as your foundational Azure credential irrespective of what track you choose within Azure, including Development, Data Engineering, etc.

We're developing the biggest lab cookbook for the Azure Administrator (AZ-104) exam. We call it the Azure Admin Mega Lab Project (AAMLP). While the standard Microsoft AZ-104 labs feature about 40 - 60 labs, we've outlined approximately 300 labs and are adding more. Our goal is to ensure you're comprehensively prepared for the certification, job interviews, and even all the real-world duties of an Azure Administrator. 

By participating, you'll gain complimentary access to our Azure Administrator course, Azure lab access, Azure lab support, and numerous other advantages.

Why You Can't Miss This

🎓 Live Classes: You get free access to our AZ-104 live batch. You can engage in real-time learning with our expert instructors, asking questions and getting immediate feedback. 

📚 Comprehensive Educational Resources: Not only will you gain access to our extensive course materials, but we'll also provide access to or reimburse your expenses for other educational platforms such as Udemy. Our quizzes come with not just explanations but also practical labs to make every concept crystal clear.

✅ Complimentary Azure Account: Acquire practical skills by working with actual Azure environments.

🛠️ Live Lab Support: While you can undoubtedly attempt lab exercises through a video course or a cookbook, our program offers daily support for lab completion and doubt resolution from real Azure engineers through Zoom meetings.

🤝 Community Collaboration: This is one of our other stand-out features. You can be part of an ever-growing community, contributing to and benefiting from their collective knowledge. Our study group has 24/7 Zoom meetings, allowing you to discuss and learn with other members anytime without the need to schedule any meetings. You can read more on the KEWA page.


How You Can Participate

🧪 Practice & Document: Engage in lab scenarios, take screenshots, and create guides following our easy-to-use templates and guidelines. Or review an existing lab. You must spend just 1 hour per day on a time slot of your choice, with a minimum of 5 hours per week, in addition to the AZ-104 course commitments. Weekday slots are 10.30 AM IST, 2.30 PM IST, 6.30 PM IST and 10.30 PM IST. Weekend slots are 10.30 AM IST, 11.30 AM IST, 4.30 PM IST or 5.30 PM IST.

🎓 Attend AZ-104 Live Batch:  With our intensive 90-day AZ-104 course, transform into a hands-on Azure Administrator (Az-104) expert. Miss a day? Make it up with recordings and repeat sessions. You can read more about the AZ-104 course and class timings on the AZ-104 Course page.  

🤝 Attend Daily Community Sessions: Attend daily live community sessions and student presentations in our KEWA study group.

How to get started?

Refundable deposit: We are giving you access to the program and our Azure accounts without fee. Our team, who are paid salaries, will also be spending time with you, without any fee. We do not want anyone to misuse this program, so we have kept a small refundable deposit of Rs. 749 ($10). This deposit will be paid as a fee for the KEWA group, and once you complete 90 hours with a minimum of 5 hours per week, we will refund it as a bonus. 

Waiver for refundable deposit: If you do not have a job and cannot afford the refundable deposit, contact us at [email protected] with the amount you can afford, even if it is Rs. 1. Once your case is approved, you must complete a 2-week assessment. It involves mainly learning or revising IT fundamentals. You need to share daily updates in our Facebook group. After two weeks, you will be added to all the required WhatsApp groups.

To enrol or for more details, contact us on WhatsApp at +91 90944 03333, mentioning I want to join the AZ-104 Cookbook Program. Together, let's shape the future of Azure learning!

Don't want to contribute to the cookbook program but still want to learn?

Don't want to spend time preparing recipes? Here are some alternatives:

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