Are you looking for a membership plan or a Trainso course?

With our unique community learning model, members get a month added to their subscription every time they take a session. Choose a membership plan that best suits them and earn months later to extend the membership. We also have formal courses for serious learners that follow a syllabus and structure, and also provide guarantees.

Which one do you want to explore? 


Cloudericks Membership

Cloudericks Membership plans are for people who want to pay a small subscription fee to get a lot of benefits such as 
Ad-free Community Portal, Live Webinars & Quizzes, Recorded courses, Live community sessions, WhatsApp with 24/7 Zoom meetings, and even Hands-on Live projects.

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Trainso Courses

Trainso courses are for students who want to learn seriously along with a group with a formal structure and guarantees, from a certified trainer.  You get complimentary membership to the community during the course. Some of Trainso's popular courses are 4MCEA, SecDops, AZ-900, AZ-400, AZ-104, and AZ-305.

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