Become an Azure Administrator Expert 

With our intensive 90-day program, transform into a hands-on Azure Administrator (Az-104) expert. This isn't just about certification - it's about real expertise!

New to Azure? No Problem! 
Before diving into administration, we'll provide a special bridge course to get you up to speed. Perfect for beginners to start strong!

Can't afford the fee? No Problem!
If you do not have a job and cannot afford a fee, we have an internship-based program called 4MCEA to attend all these classes for free. 

]For a detailed list of the current set of recipes, download the brochure. But remember we always add more recipes whenever we feel some topic is not covered in these recipes.

Download AZ-104 Brochure

Enrolment Options

You can attend the AZ-104 course in one of the following three ways. 

Option 1: AZ-104 Course (Enrol from this page)

  • 1-year access¬†to all live classes, recordings and course materials
  • Access to 150+ lab recipes and practice questions of AZ-104.¬†
  • Complementary KEWA access with live lab support and Azure access
  • Read more details and enroll on this page.

Option 2: Cloudericks Ultimate Membership

  • Access to the AZ-104 course, alongside AZ-400, AZ-305, and a myriad of live classes across Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Java, Angular, etc.
  • Get most benefits of courses including live classes, lab recipes, and quizzes.
  • Can opt for live lab support with Azure access(*).
  • Fee: Starting from effective ‚āĻ849 ($10.49) per month.
  • Read more details and enrol from

Option 3: 4MCEA Internship Program

  • A full-time internship opportunity for people¬†seeking jobs.
  • Read more details and enrol from


  • (*) Cloudericks ultimate members or KEWA members can get live lab support with complementary Azure access for a monthly fee of Rs. 499 or Rs. 999 for three months. The same applies to AZ-104 enrolled students who want to extend complimentary access beyond three months.

Please also read the important notes in the below section before enrolling!

Enrol for AZ-104 Here (Option 1)!

Enrol for AZ-104 alone if you feel that is the right option for you.

AZ-104 Course Bundle

Rs. 4999 (or $59.99)

Live & Self-paced Classes

  • Live Classes and Quizzes
  • Live Doubts Clearing
  • Azure Access
  • Lab support
  • Validity: 1 Year*

AZ-104 Mega lab Cookbook

Rs. 2599 (or $31.19)

Lab cookbook

  • Live Classes
  • Live Doubts Clearing¬†
  • No¬†Azure Access*
  • No lab support*
  • Validity: 1 Year*

AZ-104 Practice Quizzes

Rs. 999 (or $12.49)

Only Quiz

  • Live Quizzes
  • Get PDF questions after preorder
  • No¬†Azure Access*
  • No lab support*¬†
  • Validity: 4 months*
Preorder for Rs.999

Important Notes

  1. Our live batches usually last for approximately 90 days (3 months). However, you will get access to all live classes for 1 whole year. That means you can attend missed sessions from further batches also during this 1 year.
  2. We follow a continuous running batch approach for AZ-104. If you know Azure Fundamentals, you can join the course anytime. If you start with module 4, you will end with module 3 in the next round. If you don't know Azure Fundamentals, we will provide a free bridge course.
  3. We conduct live sessions in multiple time zones to accommodate participants in various time zones. If you are unable to attend these sessions, you can watch the recordings and ask questions at live doubt-clearing sessions. If you are part of the KEWA group, you can ask doubts any day of the week to a dedicated support team who will join on Zoom and help you. 
  4. Along with the course bundle, complementary KEWA access with live lab support and Azure is given for three months. You can extend your KEWA membership if you find value in it. To activate the complementary KEWA access, read KEWA group policies and FAQ at and then WhatsApp the AZ104 course purchase screenshot along with your email and full name at +91 90944 03333.
  5. (*) Those who purchase cookbook can purchase KEWA membership with lab support and also Azure access separately. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Course Highlights

The following are some of the key highlights of this course that make it possible for you to become an Azure Cloud Admin expert in just 90 days. Expand each point to read more.

Special Note! For a detailed list of the current set of recipes, download the brochure. But remember we always add more recipes whenever we feel some topic is not covered in these recipes.

Download AZ-104 Brochure