AWS Security Cookbook Internship Program Overview

announcements Feb 07, 2024

Objective: This program aims to provide participants with the most advanced, in-depth knowledge and practical AWS cloud and security skills. By committing to this full-time program, participants will not only enhance their learning but also earn an internship certificate, receive a decent stipend, and have the unique opportunity to have their names featured in the acknowledgement section of the AWS Security Cookbook, whose first edition won several prestigious awards including the 8th best cloud computing book of all time. The first edition is available on Amazon here.

Publishing Partner: Packt (UK)

  • Availability: Amazon, Oreilly, and other popular platforms.

Internship Details:

  • Duration: Full-time program.
  • Stipend: A decent monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000 (or $180) for full-time, prorated for part-time.
  • Prerequisites: Prior foundational knowledge in AWS, such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate or AWS Certified Security – Specialty is recommended but not mandatory. If you don't have the skills, we will teach them for free.
  • Certificate of completion: You will get regular internship or experience certificates from Trainso Training Solutions Pvt Ltd, an IT company that has been building products, reselling cloud products as a Microsoft Partner, servicing clients, and even training students for more than three years.

Program Highlights

  1. Live Interactive Classes: Participate in live sessions conducted by AWS security experts, enabling real-time interaction, queries, and clarifications.

  2. Extensive Learning Materials & Educational Reimbursement: Get access to detailed course materials, including guides, videos, and documentation. Additional resources from platforms like Udemy will be provided or reimbursed.

  3. Hands-On AWS Environment Experience: Gain practical experience by working in real AWS environments, which is crucial for understanding AWS security mechanisms and practices.

  4. Dedicated Support: Receive daily support for lab exercises and query resolution from experienced AWS security professionals via online meetings.

  5. Community Engagement: Join an active community of learners and industry experts. Benefit from 24/7 group discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative learning.

How to Get Involved

  • Commitment: Minimum of 32 and a maximum of 48 hours per week with flexible timing. Actual stipend pay will be based on actual hours worked.
  • Activities: Do research, complete lab scenarios, work on POCs, document your work, and engage with the community.
  • Enrollment: Work-from-home (Bangalore, India), work-from-home (Anywhere in the world), and hybrid (at least one day in office) options are available. A small, refundable deposit of Rs. 999 for anyone preferring complete work from home, as we have seen many people misuse WFH opportunities. This will be refunded with your first pay. 

Enrollment and Contact Information

  • Contact Details: For enrollment or more information, reach out via WhatsApp at +91 90944 03333 or email at [email protected].

This tailored program combines the essentials of AWS security with the flexibility and support needed for learners at different levels, ensuring comprehensive preparation for certifications and professional roles in AWS security.

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