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Do you want a free trial of our amazing learning community, the Knowledge Exchange WhatsApp (KEWA) study group, where you can learn continuously from the experience of a lot of people and even get 24/7 learning support in the form of 24/7 Zoom meetings and real dedicated people to help you with the doubts?


How to get a free 15-day membership of the KEWA group!

You can follow the below steps to get a free membership to our amazing study group and we believe that even in these 15 days you will really learn a lot.

  1. Subscribe for free to our YouTube channel.
  2. Watch the 101 10-minute video that has an overview of our initiatives including the KEWA group on our YouTube channel and leave feedback as a comment. You may skip watching and directly comment with feedback if you have already watched the video from this website.
  3. Optionally explore other videos of recordings of our group sessions.
  4. Read the KEWA group policies on the KEWA page and submit the KYC form with all fields. For getting exception for any fields, please WhatsApp us at +91 90944 03333. For YouTube channel URL, click on your username after your comment in Step 1, and copy it from the browser. You may also check the FAQ section below. 
  5. Send a screenshot of the YouTube subscription (step 1), comment on the video (step 2), and your full name and the email used while submitting the KYC form (step 3) to +91 90944 03333. For any questions or doubts, please WhatsApp us on the same number.


Plan features:

  • Free membership by taking sessions.
  • Access to Community in WhatsApp 
  • Access to whatsapp group
  • 24/7 always on zoom meeting for group discussions
  •  Live Project discussions.
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Membership Plans

Plan features:

  • No free membership 
  • Access to Community in the portal/WhatsApp*
  • Access to community webinars 
  • Access to WhatsApp groups*
  • Access to Course webinars
  • Access to Course recordings
  • No Live project*
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