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Everyone has a different style of learning. That is why we have designed a few different learning possibilities. We have prepared some simple questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide the best learning program for you

Watch the attached video to learn all about our initiatives in under 4 minutes, including courses and the membership program, and will also help you take the right learning choices. 


Ask yourself 5 simple questions to decide on the best learning program for you

  1. Are you a working professional and want to upskill as a job-ready expert with live classes, mentoring, live projects, and post-course support? Then go for the 7MCEA course.
  2. If you are jobless and want to learn full-time without paying any money as a fee? Then go for the 4MCEA course
  3. Do you want to continuously learn without distractions and update yourself to be ready for all career challenges by attending sessions and discussing with the community? Then check the Membership page.
  4. Do you need to learn specific topics such as certification topics as a structured course? Then go to the Courses page.
  5. Do you want to learn for free without any contributions? Then check our YouTube channel and Facebook group

Want Sample Videos?

Then check our YouTube channel.


WhatsApp your queries to +91 90944 03333 and we will answer them over chat or arrange a callback from the right people who can answer your questions.

A humble request!

Do you want to make a contribution towards our initiatives to help people without jobs and join the C23 group for 2023 contributors? Then make a contribution at the contributions page and send a WhatsApp message at +91 90944 03333, or send a WhatsApp message directly for GPay or offline payments.