We have 7 different levels of learning for cloud to take care of the learning needs of almost everyone!

Everyone has a different style of learning. That is why we have not got just one but many possibilities of learning here at Trainso Cloudericks. You can learn alone for free, learn free with a community for free using our YouTube channel and Facebook group, learn with a community in the WhatsApp groups, learn with a community on an ad-free community learning platform or learn from self-paced video courses on Desktop/Android/iOS, learn live from certification courses from experts and even learn along with 121 mentoring. 

Level 1: Free YouTube Channel

We have a YouTube channel where you can watch recordings of important community sessions from Trainso & Cloudericks.

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Level 2: Free Facebook Group

We have a free Facebook group with close to 90,000 people. If you are ok with the ads and negativity, you may choose that.

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Level 3: WhatsApp groups

Our WhatsApp groups come with aces to cloudericks weekly community webinars, and 24/7 zoom meetings to discuss all doubts.

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Level 4: Membership Portal

Continue on this page to learn about our ad-free Cloudericks community with weekly knowledge-sharing sessions.

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Level 5: Trainso Courses

You can learn from MCTs and working professionals in a more structured format, live or from recorded videos.

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Level 6: Internship

Sometimes working hands-on is the best way to learn. For people without jobs, it is also an opportunity to earn.

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Level 7: 4MCEA with Live classes, Mentoring, Internship (optional), and guarantees

Learn live along with a cohort of students from MCTs and working professionals in a structured way along with 121 mentorships and a lot of guarantees.

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  1. A higher level generally includes lower-level features or benefits.
  2. Currently our focus is on Azure Cloud but soon will be adding groups, membership plans, courses, and mentoring programs for AWS cloud as well.

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